Game Type: Misc - F


  • 2 players
  • Beer (or whatever you are drinking)
  • Paper football


*To include more people, set up a tournament, and offer, I don't know, say... free beer to the winner. Play just as you would table football, thump a paper football from one end of the table to another trying to hang a portion of the football off the edge without it falling off in under 4 thumps. Variation is that drinks are calculated by the number plays, snaps, etc. it takes you to get a touch down. 4 plays: 4 drinks 3 Plays: 3 drinks 2 plays: 2 drinks 1st play: If you score on your first play, your opponent drinks 4. The Point After: If you make it, no penalty enforced. If you miss it, take 2 drinks. Kickoff: If you make a touchdown on kickoff, your opponent must take 5 drinks.


Ben from Auburn