Egyptian Rat F*ck

Game Type: Card - E


  • Lots of cards
  • Lots of liquor
  • Lots of people
  • Music optional


Egyptian Rat F*ck is a drinking game which is really just a more complex version of war. The dealer deals out at least one deck of cards face down. Then the person on his right puts his or her top card in the middle face up.

  • If it is a ten or less, the person to the immediate right of the drawer puts in a card of their own, also face up.
  • If the original card is a face card the person on his right has a set number of chances to play another face card, a double, or a joker.
  • If the 1st player plays an ace the second player has four chances to draw another face, double or joker.
  • If it is a king then the 2nd player has 3 chances, a queen equals 2 chances, a jack gives player two, one chance.
  • If player two can't draw a card which keeps the pile going then player one gets the pile and starts the next hand.
  • Doubles allow any player to slap in. The act of slapping in is to be the 1st player to get your hand on the top of the pile. If you slap sucessfully you get the pile and open the next hand.

The object is to gain all of the cards.

Jokers are wild and you can automatically slap a joker, regardless of the preceding card. If a player runs out of cards they can still slap in. There is a two card penalty for an illegal slap.

Drinking rules:

  • If a player runs out of cards they take two shots.
  • The player who wins a hand when another player drops out takes one shot.
  • The final winner takes a shot at the end of the game.

Optional drinking rules:

  • Winner/loser of each hand takes a shot.
  • Opener of each hand takes a shot.
  • "Rat-f*cker" (person out of cards who slaps back in) has to take three shots.