Drunken Wink

Game Type: Misc - D


  • Lots of bad-ass alcohol
  • Plenty of people


Everybody sits in a circle, all their glasses full of alcohol. One person is to be the 'detective' who needs to find the 'drunk' amongst the circle. A person is selected (secretly by someone else) to be the 'drunk'. (to select the drunk, everybody puts their head down and a person taps a person's shoulder, hereby making him/her the 'drunk') Then, the 'detective' stands up and watches the players VERY CLOSELY. The 'drunk' winks at a player in the circle, and the player must drink his/her glass, and fall back like a drunk. If the detective catches the drunk out, the drunk MUST down 2 drinks, and the game starts over again. But if the detective fails to catch the drunk, with everybody down, then the detective himself must down 2 drinks, and the game starts over again..