Drunk Driver 4

Game Type: Card - D


A note from the Webmixer: We at Bar None do not endorse drinking and driving, this is just the name of the game. Please respect the laws and don't drink and drive.

      Choose a dealer.
      Take a deck of cards, shuffle them. Build a pyramid (5,4,3,2,1), then deal the rest of the cards to your friends…and definitely include yourself.
      Flip a card over from the bottom (i.e. The first row of 5 cards). Anyone who has that card places the card face up and calls the name of the person who they would like to drink. Each card is worth the number of drink in the row. (For example, in the first row, each card is worth one drink; second row equals two. The top card on the pyramid equals 5 drink per card.)For instance, say the dealer/driver flipped up a 5 of hearts, and one person had the remaining three 5s, that person can give one person all three drinks, or three people one drink, etc….NO HALF DRINKS!!!
      If no one has the card that is flipped over, then it's a social drink…bottoms up everyone.
      When the card is flipped, all cards must be discarded. (if using more than one deck, make sure you account for all cards.)
      A large gulp equals one drink..no baby sips! This game definitely brings new meaning to "the more, the merrier."

Bottoms up, and enjoy!