Drink While You Think

Game Type: Vocal - D


  • Drinks
  • Mates (friends)


Right, arrange your mates around a table and choose someone to start off. They are given a letter from the alphabet; they must then think of a famous person whose first name begins with that letter. However, whilst doing so, they must constantly be drinking their drink (whatever their tipple is). Having stated it aloud, the next person has to say a famous person whose first name begins with the same letter as the surname of the previous person stated.

I know its not that clear, here's an example:
[Person 1 is given the letter T to start with, then says "Tom Cruise" having thought for a second or two and drank his drink whilst doing so
Person 2 then starts drinking while trying to think of a person whose name begins with C (from Cruise) He then comes up with Carl Lewis]

So….easy. But there is another rule; if someone says a famous person whose first name and surname begin with the same letter, then the order of players immediately reverses to go back the other way - eg Brian Blessed. The only other things you need to know are:

  • Fictitious people are not allowed although pseudonyms are.
  • If anyone says the a name that has been mentioned before, they have to down two fingers of their drink.
  • For single name people, such as Pele, use the last letter as the starting point of the next name (eg E in Pele)
  • If anyone finishes their drink whilst thinking, the game stops and starts from scratch.

If you want to vary it, you can make the available people more exclusive (such as using only sports stars) Cheers m'dears, I'm off for beers.