Double Down

Game Type: Dice - D


  • 2 dice
  • Beer
  • People


It's a very simple game that can land you quite a few drinks. The object of the game is to have control of the two dice. Someone starts the game by rolling the dice. If the dice are odd then the roller gives anyone at the table one drink. (the game moves pretty quickly) If the dice are even then a challenge is to be made. The roller will give one dice to anyone at the table and they both roll. The person with the highest dice keeps the dice and the loser drinks the difference. The double down comes into play when doubles are thrown in the initial throw or when a challenge is made. Every time doubles show up then the drinks double. For example if the roller and the person challenged keep rolling the same number each time, drinks would go the difference X2, difference X4, X8, X16 ect. So if doubles get thrown three times and then you lose by three on your next throw then you are responsible four 24 drinks.


Brent S