Don't Sink The Black Ball

Game Type: Skill - D


  • 1 Dice
  • 6 different size glasses
  • Lots and Lots of Beer
  • Mates prepared to get drunk
  • Pool Table with all that goes with it


Label each type of glass with a number, 1 being the smallest, 6 being the largest. Leave each glass empty. Play a regular game of billards. When the game is over the losing team rolls the dice, what ever number comes up, that player has to fill that glass with beer. The strategy here is that the person does not have to fill the glass, but can fill the glass as much as he/she wants. Play several more games of billards, but the more you play, the more likely you are to roll a glass with beer in it, if this happens, the losing team must drink all the contents of the glass, yes even the jug. This game is best played with teams of two, so that when a team does lose, the worst player in that team has to finish the contents of the glass.


Brett Douglas