Don’t Be Last

Game Type: Misc - D


  • 16 (12-16 oz) party cups
  • 2 players
  • Lots of beer
  • Ping pong balls (at least 6)


Setup the cups as shown in the diagram below, with each dot representing a cup.

                  ( )  ( )                 ( )( )                   ( )               ( )   ( )   ( )               ( )( )( )   ( )               ( )   ( )( )( )    
The game is a race. The two players line up next to each other about six to eight feet away from the cups each with 3 ping pong balls a piece. Keep track of your balls because you cannot shoot with someone else's balls! Every time you hit a cup you have to go grab that cup and drink it before you can shoot again. You have to sink 4 of the first section of cups before you can shoot at the back section. If you accidentally hit a back cup before hitting 4 of the front you must place one of your cups back on the table and refill it. After sinking 4 of the front cups you now may begin shooting at the back ones. Same rules apply that you have to drink your cup before shooting again. Also if you hit one of the remaining front cups while shooting at the back, again you have to place one cup back on the table and fill it. You must hit two of the back cups to win the game. The loser will have to drink all remaining cups on the table.


Sean and Travis