Dirty Dominoes

Game Type: Classic - D


  • A good scorekeeper
  • Dominoes
  • Lots of beer


The rules of dominoes applies...there are four maximum players with each player trying to get a score of a multiple of 5 (5, 10 15, etc.). This is where the drinking part comes into play. If a player puts down a dominoe and does not score OR passes, they themselves must take a drink. If a player scores with a 5, 10, etc., the other players must take a drink according to the multiple 5 score (i.e. if a player scores a 10, players must take two drinks; 15 three drinks; 20 four drinks, etc.). Game continues until last player puts down his dominoe and that person gets to announce who the beer bitch is (person fetching beers for other players) until the next game played ends. After tallying up the scores, the player with the least amount of points FOR THAT PARTICULAR GAME must drink the rest of his/her drink.