Dice 4 Drunx

Game Type: Dice - D


  • A decent sized group of people (5-8 drunks)
  • Drink of each player
  • Pair of dice (that's two dice)


This is a great game for parties! The host starts off, rolling both dice and applying the single effects of each die and then any applicable combos that show up. For Example: Player rolls 3 & 4. The person to the player's left drinks, as well as the person to their right. Then, because of combos, if a Nookie-master has been made, they must drink and remove an article of clothing. Roll: 1 roller drinks 2 bitch drinks 3 person left of roller drinks 4 person right of roller drinks 5 social, everyone drinks 6 roller commands one person to drink Combo 1 & 1 roller removes an article of clothing 2 & 2 roller becomes bitch 3 & 3 roller becomes nookie-master 4 & 4 roller makes a bet 5 & 5 roller makes up a rule for rest of game 6 & 6 roller becomes king 1 & 2 bitch sits in roller’s lap 3 & 4 Nookie-master drinks and removes an article of clothing 2 & 6 Bitch & king reverse roles Explanation: Nookie – master At any time the nookie-master may yell out “nookie!!!”. When this occurs everyone playing must put their hands on their crotch. Last player to do so has to drink. “Nookie!!!” can only be called once per turn. (everyone rolls at least once between calls) Make a bet Roller chooses a player and dares them to do something. IF they succeed, roller drinks. If they fail, they drink. The King The almighty power of the game. The bitch is at his or her beck and call. They must fetch drinks and other such things.