Denver University Kings

Game Type: Card - D


  • 3 people or more
  • A table
  • Deck of cards
  • lots of ants
  • More Beer


Truly the best game ever, however this game works best if you play without describing what each card means to people before the game starts. If you describe how to play without going into great detail it will make a lot more sense. The objective is not to pull the last king from the circle of cards. The person to pull the 4th king card has to shotgun, chug, or just drink a full beer- but don't worry, there's plenty of drinking along the way!

First make sure cards are shuffled thoroughly. Surround a full beer by a circle of a full deck of cards placed face down. Each card is assigned a value. Each person should have their own beer, and a large supply of beer is needed to successfully play this game. Once your beer runs out, get another one.

Go around the circle of cards, choosing only one card at a time per person per turn. Once a card is drawn, the value of the card must be acted out according to the rules. Go in order when choosing the cards, and watch what other people pull from the deck because it affects you. Again, once the last king is pulled from the deck you must drink a full beer.

  • Ace: Make your own rule (eg, the person who pulls an ace makes the rule "any one who says the words drink, drank, or drunk has to drink a sip of their personal beer). Rules stick for the entire game, and anyone can catch a person breaking a rule.
  • 2-5: distribute the amount of sips that the card shows. (eg, if you pull a 3 you may choose a person to drink for three gulps or 3 seconds, OR you may choose to divide the sips where one person gets 2 drinks and another gets 1, OR three people get one drink each).
  • 6: The person to the right drinks
  • 7: The person to the left drinks
  • 8: Thumb master. The person who pulls an 8 is thumb master; 4 eights = 4 thumb masters. The thumb master places his thumb discretely on the edge of the table and tries not to be noticed. As people notice the thumb master's thumb on the table they must discretely place their own thumb on the table without being to obvious. The last person to place their thumb on the table has to drink until the thumb master tells them to stop.<
  • 9: BustaRhyme. The person who pulls a 9 starts the rhyming session off with a word, and the person next to him must rhyme the word. Make sentences rhyme or just rhyme a word, be creative. The person who cant rhyme drinks.
  • 10: Waterfall (the ultimate dominator). Waterfall: Every one drinks. Think of this as dominos, the last person is the last to fall (or in this case stop drinking). When the person who picks up the card starts drinking every one starts to drink. As soon as the person who started it is finished, the person to his right can keep drinking or finish. As soon as that person finishes, the person to his right continues the waterfall. It continues until everyone has quit in order.
  • Jack: Categories. Choose an item that has multiple groups. For example, the person chooses cars and starts off with saying "porches". The next person would say ford, the next would say Subaru, the next Pontiac, ect until some one screws up. Some more examples can be different names of boobs, beer, or musical groups.
  • Queen: Questions. This is just a string of successive questions tossed from one person to the other, the first to answer the question loses. The person who starts must look at the person he is asking the question to, and that person must NOT answer it and ask another question to a different person. The one to answer or pause must drink. Consider this a lightning round.
  • King: Place the first three kings chosen from the circle on the beer in the circle of cards, person who pulls the 4th king has to shotgun, chug, or drink the full beer and the game is over.


Towers 8 South !