Death Charge

Game Type: Endurance - D


  • Beer
  • Liquor


In this game you try and drink as much as you can without getting sick or having to go to the bathroom. First of all the liquor needs to be the same alcholic proof and the beer needs to be the same percentage. Start off by pouring a shoot of liquor into a shooter glass. Follow by setting the shooter glass in a cup of anysize and filling that cup with beer. You then take the charge and try to drink it faster than who ever you are drinking against. The game is scored on who lasts the longest and he/she is declared the winner. If you throw up you have to drink 2 charges to make up for it. If you have to go to the bathroom, you have to drink 1 charge to make up for it. If a person says 'dead' he's out of the game. If you puke or have to go to the bathroom, the dose is not included in your total number. You start at the same place the person you are drinking against is at. You drink at the same time, not before or later than the other person.


Wesley Martin