Dare/Double Dare

Game Type: Television-movie - D


  • 2 teams of friends surrounding the TV
  • Episode of " Family Double Dare "


The game goes like this:
You and a group of buddies surround the TV watching Family Double Dare (Mark Summers crowning achievement).
Split the group up into two teams, one team drinking for the blue team, and one team drinking for the red team.
Every time you hear your color team say the word "Dare" you drink.
Whenever Mark Summers or an announcer says "dare" then everyone must drink.
Whenever your team gets a physical challenge, you must drink for every time a team completes a task (e.g. drink whenever the balloon makes it into the basket or whenever the player hits the target, etc.).
If your team fails to win the physical challenge, then you must drink twice.
If your color team wins the game, the opposing team must chug their beers until either
A: the family completes the final challenge, or B: time runs out.
Either way they're screwed.