Game Type: Skill - C


  • 4 person game, 4 teams


Put two tables together to form a square. Setup 4 teams on each side of the square. Each team must set up a 6 cup triangle on their relative side.

  • Each of the 4 players roll one single dye. *If any of the players roll the same number, they go into war with each other. They each get the number of shots that they rolled for the tie. If more than 2 people tie you must shoot at least one shot at each person, unless you do not have enough shots.
  • The highest roll gets to take a shot at any of the 3 opposing triangles, after all war is over.
  • After all the shots for a round are taken, the remaining players roll, and the game is repeated.
  • To knock someone out, you must shoot a ball in all of his/her 6 cups.

After you shoot a ball in the cup, you must drink the cup and place the cup back in the triangle. If you hit an empty you must drink one of your own cups.

Subtraction Factor: If you have remaining shots after a round. (you knock your opposing war player out before you take all your shots.) You are allowed to take your remaining shots on another player.


Auroni Majumdars, Adam Yoda, John Peterson