Game Type: Television-movie - C


  • Just the Basic Rules, feel free to add more


Players select one Cheers character per episode.

  • One Sip each time your character says the word drink, drank, drunk, orders a drink, or just says the name of a drink (including beer)
  • One Sip when your character enters the bar
  • One Sip if a character makes fun of your character, twice if the insulting character is not Carla
  • Social if any character says "Cheers"
  • Social when everyone shouts "Norm"
  • Social if a non-regular character says drink, drank, drunk, orders a drink, or mentions the name of a drink
  • Everyone Chugs if Norm gets a officially gets a free beer
  • Everyone Chugs if Norm orders anything other than a beer (i.e. a dead cat in a glass, wine, etc.)
  • Everyone Chugs when a character gets kicked out of the bar
  • Finish your Beer at the end of the show, or when the bar closes in course of the episode, whichever comes first

Optional Specialty Drinks (for people who selected the given Character) One Sip for each time:

  • Sam: Rebuffs a womans sexual advances, talks about his alcoholism
  • Diane: Rebuffs a mans sexual advances, promotes anything intelectual
  • Norm: Mentions Vera, says what his job is
  • Cliff: Recites trivia, mentions his mother
  • Carla: Anything related to Palm reading, Tarot Cards, Astrology, bad omens
  • Rebecca: Whines
  • Frazier: Acts like a doctor