Game Type: Coin - C


  • 4-6 People
  • Lots of drinks
  • One quarter
  • Sturdy cups that won't break or tip over


This game is similar to Quarters but you get drunk faster. Place all of the cups in the center of the table in a circle around one. Fill all of the cups evenly. Each player takes turns bouncing the quarter trying to get it into one of the cups. Whoever has the cup it lands into, has to chug what is in their cup. Then they refill their cup and the next person bounces the quarter. You go counter clockwise around the table. If the quarter lands in the middle cup then everybody has to chug their cup and the last person to finish has to chug the middle cup as well. Then all cups are refilled and the game continues. There is only one penalty: when someone has to go to the bathroom they first have to chug their cup and the one in the middle before they can go. The game is over when you run out of alcohol, someone pukes all over or everyone is too drunk to bounce the quarter anymore. Have fun and keep drinking!!!