Chair Olympics

Game Type: Skill - C


  • A Couple of Old Office Chairs
  • Paved Hill or Sidewalk


The game is an exciting performance to enjoy whether or not you are involved. The object is for two opponents to race down a hill on an office chair. The racers begin at the top of the hill, beer in hand. The finish line is established by a sober competitor for the whole race. The race begins by both racers cracking their beers and pushing themselves down the hill while drinking. Cheap stiffarms and violent thrashing towards your opponent are highly encouraged. Anything for you to come down the hill first with an empty beer. The loser must wait at the finish line with a nice amount of beer and drink until the next race is won. Usually bystanders are likely to join and cheer on. The winner is the bruised-up lush probably flailing a dismantled office chair in the air. College campuses are a must for this game. (Make sure you have traffic lookouts at the top and bottom of the hill!!!)


The Lapdaddy