Game Type: Coin - C


  • 2 even teams of 3 or more
  • 2 glassses
  • A coin
  • A dealer
  • Lots of Beer!


The two teams stand on each side of a table holding hands and the dealer sits at the head of the table. Choose one person in front of the line closest to the dealer to choose heads or tails of the coin. The dealer flips the coin and identifies who was right. The first one in line squeezes their hand, then the next one squeezes and so on and so forth till the two end people get their hands squeezed and they chug a glass of beer (and it is a race). Whomever finishes first, puts their glass on the table and says "chadahochie". First one done, goes to the beginning of their line. The one that loses stays and they continue with the game. Limit of 3 times drinking on a row if you "suck".