Cardinal of Puff

Game Type: Vocal - C


  • 2 or 3 people
  • Beer


To start the game the first person says "I hereby drink to the Cardinal of Puff for the first time this evening." and then he carefully "snaps" his thumb and only his index finger on each hand once, then takes each index finger and hits it once on top of the table, then hits each index finger underneath on the under rim of the table once. Then makes sure he is only using his index finger and thumb, picks up his cup of beer, and gets ONE drink, big or small, his choice. Then he puts it down once. He again says "I hereby drink to the Cardinal of PUFF PUFF for the second time this evening" and snaps his index, middle and thumb together TWICE on each hand, hits the middle and index finger(on each hand) twice on top of the table, and twice on each hand under on the under rim of the table, picks up his drink with his thumb, middle and index fingers and gets TWO drinks, then he must put his glass down, pick it up and put it down again. When he is ready he says:" I hereby drink to the cardinal of PUFF PUFF PUFF for the third and final time this evening" snaps thumb, index, middle and ring finger 3 times on each hand, hits table-top 3 times on each hand (with only those fingers), and again on under rim. Picks up his cup with those fingers and gets 3 drinks. This is where he MUST finish his drink, (it is important to moderate all of your drinks so you won't have to chug all of it at the end.) Now he sets his drink down 3 times. Picks up his cup, tips it upside down and says "Once a Cardinal" then turns it over right side up and says:" Always a Cardinal" He must keep his hand on cup while turning it. Now others in the group ask: "ARE YOU A CARDINAL?" And he replies (quoting exactly) "DAMN STRAIGHT I"M A CARDINAL" and that is the game.

ANY SLIP UPS OF ANY KIND MEANS PLAYER HAS TO START ALL OVER AGAIN. THE drunker you get, the harder it becomes. If you do it properly one person will take about 5 min. for all 3 rounds and should get pretty shit faced. try to do it fast and it is f! un. Happy drinking!!!