Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Game Type: Television-movie - B


  • Beer
  • Buffy Show on tape or on TV


This game was designed during the first couple of seasons of the show, certain characters need to be added or deleted as the show grows. Basically, watch the show and drink at particular intervals: Buffy: whenever she looks good in a scene (usually determined by owner of house) Willow: whenever she says something brainy yet stupid (you know what I mean) Xander: whenever he slags off Cordelia Cordelia: whenever she starts a sentence with I or me or my Giles: whenever he is refered to as Rupert or whenever he stutters Angel: whenever he's wearing pants (he doesn't always wear pants promise) Spike: whenever he is drunk or whenever he actually drinks scull Other drinks: whenever a vampire is killed whenever a member of the Scooby Gang is dating a demon. whenever the school principal is eaten whenever an actor from Star Trek is in the scene (only if you know your Star Trek) whenever Giles says "I must consult my books" or some variation of it Plase feel free to add to or what ever. Aim of game, to finish a six pack before show finishes. Note: Program goes for 1 hour WITH ADS, without it is only 40 mins. So beware of the Game while watching tapes!


Stupid Kate