Bouncey Bouncey

Game Type: Coin - B


  • 1 Glass (size depends on how drunk you want to get)
  • 1 level surface
  • 1 or more types of drinks
  • Coin


Fill glass up with drink. Bounce coin off the table into the glass. If you fail to get the coin in. The next person has a go. (go clockwise to make things easier.) If you get the coin in then you must nominate someone to down the drink. The glass is then refilled. If you hit the rim of the glass but fail to get the coin in an opponent may wish to challenge you. He/She may do so by saying "challenge!". In the case of a challenge you must retake your go. If you fail, you are to attempt again. You must down the drink yourself but if you manage to get the coin into the glass the player that called the challege must down 2 glass fulls. If nobody calls for a challenge when someone has hit the rim the game is resumed as normal. It is possible for there to be challenges in a challenge. In this case the amount of drink keeps doubling for both members of the challenge. Only the original challenger may call a second challenge in the case of the rim being struck for the second time. The game keeps going on until everyone cant stand up any longer or you have run out of drinks. Note: It is very dangerous to keep nominating the same person to down the drink but can also be very funny.