Game Type: Dice - B


  • Beer
  • Dice
  • Sunglasses


Designate someone to go first. The first person rolls the dice, the numbers that come up are as follows:

  • A 3 then the person to the left drinks.
  • A 9 then the person to the right drinks.
  • An 11 or 12 then you put on the sunglasses. An 11 or 12 to take them off again.
  • A 5 and you give the dice to the person to the left. That's the only time you can pass the dice.
  • A 10 is the only way time you can go to the bathroom.

The catch is if you roll the dice off the table then you have to roll the die or dice that fell off and drink the amount that shows. For example, if you roll a 12 that is a whole beer. The person with the glasses on has to drink when ever any body else does. By the way NO rolling the dice off the table intentionaly.


Bryan Rodgers A.K.A B-Dogg