Bloody Knuckles

Game Type: Coin - B


  • A Quarter
  • At Least Two People


This game is very simple. It can be played without alcohol, but as most things are, it is much more fun drunk. This game can be played with any number of people above two. You all sit around a table and one person spins the quarter on the table. The person beside him (you can rotate left or right) then must touch in some manner (flicking it in the way its spinning is the usual method) so that the coin continues spinning. If he does so successfully, then the person sitting next to him must do the same, and so on, taking turns in a circle. If the person does so unsuccessfully, then the person who flicked it successfully before him gets to do the following: The person who caused the quarter to stop spinning puts their knuckles down on the table, with their arm perpendicular to the table. All the persons knuckles must be touching the table. Then the person who successfully touched the quarter before him puts the quarter under his thumb, and puts his hand so that the four fingers are facing towards the person's knuckles, and his palm is facing the table. Then he slides the quarter with force into the person's knuckles, by lifting his finger and catapulting it forward with his thumb. If done correctly, the person's knuckles should start bleeding, which is of course where the name "Bloody Knuckles" is derived from. If the other player gives up, you win. Easy as that.
General Rules:

  • You must take turns.
  • If someone touches the quarter and it spins on the table at all, and then goes off the edge, then that person gets to spin it on the table again and rotation starts from where it left off. If a player simply flicks it off the table then the player before them in rotation gets to give him bloody knuckles.
  • When receiving bloody knuckles, you must keep all knuckles on the table. Penalty results in a retry.
  • You can't quit right after you unsuccessfully touched the quarter, only after you are punished for it.
  • The loser is the person who either submits or can not continue.


    Richie Alfson