Big Red Tomato

Game Type: Vocal - B


  • Mixed drinks
  • People


In Big Red Tomato, you choose one person to be the Big Red Tomato. Each of the other people choose a name for themselves that consists of another fruit or vegetable, and an adjective describing themselves, i.e. "Crazy Cucumber", "Busty Banana", "Luxurious Lettuce" etc. The object of this game is, at no time can any player show their teeth. Big Red Tomato begins by saying "Big Red Tomato calling Crazy Cucumber, Big Red Tomato calling Crazy Cucumber". In return, Crazy Cucumber would then call someone else. The whole time, you can't show your teeth. The easiest way to do this is to curl your lips to the inside of your mouth, covering your teeth. This gets very funny because everyone is sitting around looking like toothless morons, and they sound that way too. The first one to show their teeth, laugh (teeth showing), etc. has to drink.