Beer We Go Again

Game Type: Vocal - B


  • 4 people or more
  • Pints of beer


Everyone buys a beer (pint) and sits down. One person starts telling a story, only one line at a time, which must include a bar brand e.g. vodka, fosters, Bacardi breezer etc.. Then the next person does the next line and so on and so on. Choose either clockwise or anti-clockwise. When someone can't think of a brand that hasn't already been used they lose and have to drink three fingers of drink.

It starts again and whoever finishes there pint first buys the next round.

Demo of script:
"One day I meet a guy called Jim Bean….
he'd just had two twins called Red square and Red stripe….
and he said that his wife Stella was so happy…."
and so it carries on

Loser buys the beers and chooses the brand. Game is easier if within eye shot of the bar.


Mark Cooper (susumi bar derby)