Beer Pong

Game Type: Skill - B


  • 16 - 20 oz plastic cups
  • at least 2 ping pong balls
  • Beer or drinks
  • table long with enough standing room for caling shot


Fill all 20 cups with brew to all the same levels. (1/4 full....usually 4 beers for 10 cups) Start of to see who goes first by shot gunning a cup of beer. Place ten cups on both sides of the table in a triangle (like bowling pins). Keep in mind there has to be space in the middle of the "my side" zone. The longer the table is, the harder the shot, the less you drink. Whoever is first shoots the ping pong balls at their opponents cup. If the ball goes into the opponents cup they have to drink that cup. If both go in, you get the ball back. If you miss you miss. If for some reason, a ball ends up on your side to the table/floor, you get to shoot it again. So for those who are so drunk they seem to drop the ball and it rolls on your side....too bad for them. Now to make the game harder, you can have no bounces or just one. Once in a while, you might get a rim job. (a ball that is rolling around in side the cup) you get to try to blow it out of the cup. This is called a save. Once the triangle is broken, always keep moving the cups around into the triangle. Until it is no longer possible. The winner is determined by who ever has cups left on the table. The loser has to drink the remaining cups of the winners before able to play again. The winner can play again if they choose to. You can also have teams by having 4 people. Take turns drinking and shooting. Also, add more beer per cup. It is best to drink the cup fast and it is better if you drink it before throwing the ball so you do not end up with back up cups to drink. By the time the game is over all drinks must be drank before new game begins. No physical interference is allowed but you can distract your opponent.


Herb Mallard JR