Beer Man

Game Type: Speed - B


  • A few teams of 2
  • Beer in bottles


This drinking game typically takes place outside. First you team up in 2 next to each other. Then apx. 100 feet in front of each team an empty bottle of beer is placed. The first runners from the teams (on the same time) drinks a beer. When each have drunk his beer he races off to the bottle. When reaching the bottle he must stick his index finger in the hole of the bottle and run 3 times around the bottle with his finger in it. After that is completed he races back (which is the tricky part of the game!!). When he comes back to the starting point the next runner empties a beer and is off…….. The first team to have all runners back have won and gets to vomit all over the losers or simply spank them 3 times in the butt with a rolled up and wet sunday edition of the the New York Times. This game gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “I´ll be straight back”. Especially if you have had a few wee drams before running.