Bar Dice

Game Type: Dice - B


  • 3 or more players
  • Dice cup with 5 dice
  • Shots of your choice


Play starts off with each player rolling one die to see who rolls first, highest die rolls first. Any tie continues with the tied high rollers rolling off until a player has the highest number.
The first player rolls all five dice. The whole game revolves around the number one (ace), which is wild. For example, if the first player rolls 1, 4, 3, 4, 6, on the first roll, he has three fours, a pair of 3's, and a pair of 6's. As you can see it is like poker. Now the player has a number of choices. The first player has the option to keep what he rolls on the first roll, pickup any dice that don't help him and roll again (i.e.. 3 & 6 in the above example) or pick up anything or all (i.e.. 3,4,4,6,1 {up to three aces can be kept} in the above example). Play only starts when a player has an ace to begin with. There are a maximum of 3 rolls. The first player sets the standard for the round. For example, if the first player only shakes 2 times, then all the other players can only shake a maximum of 2 times to equal or beat the high roller. In the event that there is a tie between two (or any more) highest players, there is a one shake roll-off between all players remaining. At the end of any round, the high roller is "out". Play continues until there are only 2 players left. The game then goes to a best out 2 out of 3 rounds. Eventual loser has to buy all the players a shot of their choice.
Mark = the current score to beat
All Day = Three rolls
Horse on you (me)= a loss in the final 2 of 3 match up
Horse a piece = tie in the final 2 of 3 match up
Forty-six in two = Four 6's in 2 rolls
Fifty-three all day = Five 3's in 3 rolls
P.S. This game is especially nice when the bar (Bartender) plays the event that a player rolls all aces in one roll, that player buys a round of shots on the spot. That player's turn is started over upon consumption of the shots.


Greg - Milwaukee