Around The Block

Game Type: Dice - A


  • 3 shot glasses
  • Dice
  • Lager or Beer
  • Spirit of your choice


This game works best in a group of four but you can try more, might take away drink value though... Everyone sits around a table or the floor in a rough circle with the shot glasses, drink and dice in the middle. Play starts with whoever can grab the dice first and then moves clockwise. Each player takes a turn to roll the dice, calling out either 'odd' or 'even' as the dice rolls along. If he predicts the score correctly then he can nominate someone to drink but if he fails to guess correctly then he has to take the drink himself. To work out how much you drink look at the score on the dice. If it reads : 1 or 2 then you take one shot 3 or 4 is two shots 5 or 6 is 3 shots The first two shots are your lager or whatever you chose and the third shot -should you have to take it- is the spirit. Make sure you play this game at the start of the evening as it is designed to get as much drink down as possible through repeated shots one after another after another. One thing you can do is all choose to pick on someone, calling that they should drink whenever you can, it can be funny!


Steve "tramp" Wright