Game Type: Endurance - A


  • A prize (bottle of rum,vodka or other liquor)
  • Beer Stein for every player
  • Lots of Beer (Keg optional)


Line up the people willing to play and give them a stein filled up about 1/4 with beer. Make one sober person (designated driver) be the judge. Have the judge count to 3. On three all participants must fully outstretch their arm HOLDING the stein. After about 30 seconds fill each stein up to about 1/2 full. After a few people are eliminated completely fill each stein A person loses once he/she unstraightens their arm or spills the contents of their stein and they must down the beer. (If spilled they must be refilled to 1/4 1/2 or full respectively) The judge settles any disputes Dropping the stein IS A CARDINAL SIN and the sinner must down THREE FULL STEINS of beer before the night is over. The last man standing gets the prize. Note: It is considered very bad luck if the prize is not opened and split between the players the same night. ALL players must toast their shots to the judge. The second time I played this game the winner did not share his prize but decided to drive home. The next day we found he had gotten in an accident and he was in a coma for 2 weeks. BEWARE! LATHER RINSE AND REPEAT UNTIL STINKY ASS DRUNK


Hugh G Rection