Al's House

Game Type: Coin - A


  • 1 or 2 quarters
  • 4 cocktail glasses
  • Lots of beer
  • Table with good bounce


Arrange the glasses in a sqare, edges touching, and fill each half-way with beer. The first player attempts to bounce a quarter into a full glass. Player continues to bounce until he misses or hits and empty glass, once turn is over play continues around the table. If a quarter lands in a full glass, the player gives the drink to anyone playing. Once the beer is drunk, the glass is returned so there are always 4 glasses. If the quarter lands in an empty glass, the bouncer must drink a full glass. If the quarter lands in the space between all 4 glasses, then bouncer drinks 2 glasses. If the quarter lands on edges of 2 glasses 2 drinks are given out (this is virtually impossible, and does not happen). If a player gets 4 in a row in, clearing the table, all glasses are filled again and given out (lots of fun, for the bouncer). Play with 4 people, ideally. more or less can be added.


Al's House