A Stroll Through The Park

Game Type: Misc - A


  • 2 or more friends
  • A nearby park
  • Bacardi Rum and Vodka
  • Cell phone
  • Friend to call late at night who doesn't gossip


For this game, you begin with your friends at about 10:00 pm or later (so it's dark). Drink 6 shots in total ( a mix of both vodka and rum, for example the first 2 are rum and last 4 are vodka ) Make sure you have shoes on. Now that you are on your way to being crazily drunk, all of the friends walk to the park. Once at the park, one person ( preferibly the most wasted) is designated the caller, this person wil call the good friend who won't gossip while the other friends pull down their pants, leave them around your ankles ( LEAVE YOUR UNDERWEAR ON!!! ) Pick a designated spot in the park and run to it, while running the caller tells the friend whats happening. Whoever gets to the spot first wins. The caller tells the friend who won.Tthe next day the caller calls the friend again and gets details of how stupid they were acting the night before. Kid tested good time approved!!!!


Mallory Hanfling