Game Type: Dice - #


  • 3 or more players
  • Alcohol
  • Dice cup with 5 dice


Play begins with a die for each player to roll off to see who shakes first.
First player shakes all the dice looking for 1's (aces). If a player doesn't shake any dice, the cup is passed on to the player to his left. If a player does shake and get an ace (or multiple), count the number of aces and shake again, building upon the previous number. When a player reaches, or surpasses the numbers 7, 14, 21, the following happens:
7 = choosing a shot
14= buying the shot
21= drinking the shot
Upon reaching the number 17, remove the aces from play. For example, if you are shaking on an 18, there should only be three dice in the cup.
Twist... if a player is shaking on the number 20, you can shake the die in the dice cup and push it (without looking) to another player. That player would have to drink the shot upon looking at the die. If an ace isn't rolled that player shakes and takes the roll or passes it to another player. This can get interesting if there is a battle between two players.


Greg - Milwaukee