48 Cans

Game Type: Endurance - #


  • 4 - 12 packs of your favorite beer
  • At least 1 other person


Basically the first half of the race is to see how many of the 12 beers you can slam or consume in a time limit. (We use no more than 10 minutes depending on the people drinking...to make it a very sporty event make the time limit 5 min and under.) After the time limit has run out, the winner is the one with the least beers left. (In a two player situation) the winner passes his/her remaining beers to the loser, who in turn must finish their remaining beers as well as what was passed to them..in half the time of the prior round. If they fail to finish all the beer, a penalty is dropped on them...they get half of the remaining 24 placed on them for the next round. The next round is just like the first but now your bonging your beers with a shot of vodka or any hard liquor in each one. This is a high stakes games so be careful when playing. I only know of two people finishing this game and it was the two guys that invented this game...me and some other guy. *You can play this in teams but you need 2 - 12 packs of beer per person.


Certis Montgomery