3 Man Game

Game Type: Dice - #


  • A large glass per person with their choice of drink in it plus more to refill
  • A set of Dice
  • People prepared to get very drunk


The game is played where everyone is in a circle, and rolls the dice, then hands the dice to the next person. The interesting partů If the person rolls a double of any number. eg, double 2 they then must have 2 sips of their drink (can be played with shots, but must be prepared in advance as a a double 6 could take a while!). After they have rolled and had their drink then they must immediately top up their glass in preperation for their next roll. The 'double' rule applies to all players during the whole game. Double 6 usually signifies finishing (downing) the full glass in one go! If a 2 and a 1 are rolled on the same go, equaling 3 then he/she becomes the 3 man/woman. This means that they still must have the appropriate sips from rolling doubles, but also must have a sip any time any other player rolls a 3! The 3 man only changes once another person rolls a 1 and a 2 together. A 3 man can be nominated at the start of the game or wait untill someone rolls a 2 and 1 combo. The game must be played at a relativey fast pace to ensure the 3 man/women does not stop drinking. Well have fun and happy hangover!!


Gavin Smith