3 Cup Kwar-tar

Game Type: Coin - #


  • 1 Quarter
  • 2 or more people
  • 3 cups


Place 3 cups (glasses of different heights for variety are recommended) so that each cup touches the other two cups in a triangle formation. Fill each cup up with however much beer you want. Whoever is designated to shoot first (by random selection, order will not matter) will pick one of the other people playing the game to choose a cup for the shooter to shoot at. If the shooter makes it in the cup that was picked then the person picked has to drink the cup. If the shooter makes it in one of the other two cups that was not picked, then the shooter drinks the cup that was accidentally made. Whoever drinks the cup then fills it with however much beer they want. If no cup is made, no one drinks. The quarter is then passed clockwise to the next person to shoot no matter if the cup was made or not. *Note that cups cannot be moved and players must stay in the place they are at so they can not find a better angle for the shot. Continue shooting and passing the quarter around until...?


Knoblin, PDR Jr