15 Social

Game Type: Misc - #


  • Alcohol you can sip


Everyone playing sits in a circle. One person starts to count by saying 1. The counting continues around the circle. Whichever person gets to say 15 then says 15 Social and everyone drinks. He or she then chooses any number and replaces it with a word or phrase (ex: 3 is SLUT). The next player then starts off by counting starting again with number 1. The player who is supposed to say 3 would say SLUT instead. If they forget the phrase to be said, says the wrong phrase, or takes too long they have to drink and the next person must say the phrase for number 3. Counting continues again until 15 and that person chooses another number and replaces it with a phrase. Play continues this way until all numbers are replaced. This is a very fun game to play especially when you're already a little bit buzzed because it is incredible funny when somebody messes up!!!