Swedish Fish #1

Drink Type: Shooter



Mix with ice and strain into a shot glass.

Letís say youíre being given a quiz and the questions are all about candy. Should you be asked to compile a list containing your favorite confections, whether you choose those that you loved as a child or what you like now, would Swedish Fish be on it? We bet they would. That is, of course, unless youíve been living under a rock for the past few decades and have no clue what the candy is.

If you are that person, you really donít know what youíre missing. The gummy, chewy, sweet treats are like nothing youíve ever tried before and, as the name suggests, they are shaped like little fish.

When first created, Swedish fish came in red and had a flavor all its own. Today, you can find still find the yummy red fishes, but now they are joined by green, orange, and yellow, and each has its own unique flavor.

It isnít just the color and flavor of Swedish Fish thatís changing. Itís also the way that adults can enjoy the sweet treat.

You love the candy and want to incorporate them on a night out, but you might feel a little silly sitting at the bar munching on Swedish fish instead of peanuts or stale bar mix. So, get your candy fix by asking for a Swedish Fish shooter. Order one the next time youíre out or create your own by mixing equal parts of Black Haus, Cranberry Juice, and Sour Mix.


Christina Becker