Drink Type: Shooter



Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass.

Southern Comfort, also referred to as SoCo, is a common liquor that you will most likely see behind any good bar, or even in someoneís private stock.

Although the liquor is made by combining whiskey with sweet ingredients, such as sugar, peach, vanilla, cinnamon, and orange, it has a strong flavor that you either love or hate.

While some may not enjoy the liquor straight up, others find it lends a wonderful taste to certain mixed beverages, such as the Crash and Burn, Alabama Slammer, and SloScrew.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy Southern Comfort is in a SoCo and Lime.

The SoCo and Lime, which, as you guessed it, mixes Southern Comfort and lime juice, was created at the Duck-In, which was once a popular eatery in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Patrons there began consuming the beverage and really liked it. So, itís no surprise that it wasnít long before the recipe made its way from Virginia to other states, and people nationwide began to also enjoy the concoction.

Should you decide that you want to try your hand at making a SoCo and Lime, but donít have limes or lime juice on hand, you can use Roseís Lime Cordial if you happen to have that. To create the drink, simply mix equal parts of each ingredient together. Want a lot? Then make it in a standard drink glass. Want just a taste? Then use the same 50/50 technique to create a SoCo and Lime shot.