Mandrin Summer Crush

Mandrin Summer Crush Martini Photo

Drink Type: Martini



MANDRIN (Juicy nightlife)

Mandarin oranges create a feeling of happiness and excitement. To get in touch with the blissful feeling of summer, try a “MANDARIN Crush”. Created at The Old Monk, Dallas.

Mix ingredients together in shaker with ice. Serve straight up in a martini glass.

ABSOLUT Vodka celebrates the 2005 summer by “creating” seven distinct moods for summer socializing based on the affects of its flavor ingredients. From free spirited to passionate and intense, this summer ABSOLUT tempts consumers with a variety of cocktails and flavors to help get them in the mood for fun during the time of year they are most socially active.

According to industry experts in the field of flavor and sensory science, flavors and fragrances affect daily experiences and can trigger certain moods and reactions. Each member of the ABSOLUT family, APEACH, RASPBERRI, VANILIA, MANDRIN, KURANT, CITRON and PEPPAR contain natural ingredients that evoke individual feelings and sensations that contribute to seven stimulating moods for summer socializing.

“Our flavors are as diverse and dynamic as the people who drink them,” said Tim Murphy, brand director of the ABSOLUT portfolio, The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc. “Each flavor has an individual taste and feeling that encourages nightlife patrons to experiment with new drinks and find the flavors that suit them, their moods and the various occasions that they socialize around,” he continues.

This summer, ABSOLUT has partnered with hot venues across the country to feature seven innovative cocktails inspired by each of the seven ABSOLUT flavors. The distinct taste of these flavors inspires the creation of smart, exciting and diverse cocktails while reflecting the seven hottest moods for summer socializing.


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