Drink Type: Shooter



1) Pour Sambuca into a 2cl. glass. DON'T EVER LIGHT THE FIRE IN THIS GLASS!!! 2) Pour just a few drops in a saucer... 3)... and light the Sambuca in the saucer. You might pour some extra drops in to keep it on fire. 4) While burning, hold a glass of beer over the 2 cl. glass for about 10 seconds - the gas will get caught in the beer glass. 5) DO THE FOLLOWING STEPS QUICKLY: Put the beer glass - bottom up - on the table. 6) Blow out the fire. 7) Drink Sambuca in little glass with the wrong end of straw in one sip. 8) Suck out gas from beer glass with straw....take a good long draw! ALWAYS USE CAUTION WITH FIRE.


Marie Louise E. Rasmussen