Buttery Nipple #1

Drink Type: Shooter



Pour schnapps into glass then slowly pour Bailey's Irish Cream against side of glass.

A Buttery Nipple is a very popular, very tasty shooter. If you aren’t familiar with what a shooter is, it is a small drink, usually between one and four ounces in size, that is meant to be consumed in one gulp. It can contain either one type of alcohol, or a combination of several that are presented either stirred, shaken, layered, or blended. The Buttery Nipple shooter is of the layered variety.

The name of a shooter can vary, and some are given fun, naughty names that are meant to shock the drinker. Case in point—the Buttery Nipple, which is also sometimes referred to as the even more vulgar Cocksucking Cowboy, or CS Cowboy.

The Buttery Nipple shooter has been quite popular for the last few years. In fact, as of 2004, it was among the most popular selections in clubs and pubs in Australia. So popular, in fact, that pre-made, sealed shot glasses, as well as kits filled with bottles of the drink’s ingredients, were made available under the CS Cowboy name.

As it was mentioned above, a Buttery Nipple is a layered shooter. In order to make the drink, you’ll need a shot glass, Butterscotch Schnapps, and your favorite type of Irish Cream.


James Niblett