Zwack Pear Brandy Korte Palinka

Zwack Pear Brandy Korte Palinka Photo

Pecsetes Pear Brandy is a liqueur with a scent and taste reminding of the fruit. Its golden yellow color is another characteristic to recall Pecsetes Pear Brandy. It is a dessert liqueur, which makes an excellent ingredient in cocktails. Mixed with rum it is very popular in Hungary. Served on the rocks with a few drops of lemon juice added, it is a superb drink to satisfy every taste. Fruit brandies have been a classic Hungarian tradition for centuries, mentioned in documents dating back as early as the fourteenth century. Fruit trees thrive in the climate of the Carpathian Basin and the orchards of Mitteleuropa have long been famous. The fruit is so rich in sugar that there is never any need to add sugar or alcohol to the mash after fermentation. First the fruit is carefully selected, then cleaned, the stones or pits removed, minced and fermented and finally distilled twice over to produce outstanding eaux-de-vie.