Zuidam Genever Gin

Zuidam Genever Gin Photo

Genever or Dutch style sweet gin is a full bodied, malt-based spirit that was introduced to the Netherlands in the 16th century. The popularity of Genever spread so quickly that it soon was hailed as Hollandís national drink, as it remains today. 100 years later, Genever was introduced to England where the style as well as the name was changed to reflect the more familiar product of today, gin. Genever is considered the original gin. It is a decidedly different taste then the more familiar dry gins imported from England. The unique flavors and aromas of Zuidam Genever come from the finest, most natural imported botanicals, spices & herbs from around the world. Experience the heritage of Holland and one of Europeís oldest traditional spirits, proudly produced by two generations of Master Distillers from the family of Zuidam.