Zafarrancho Reposado Tequila

Zafarrancho Reposado Tequila Photo

Zafarrancho Reposado is a luxurious aged tequila. It has a pale straw color and an enticing, spicy bouquet. The tequila is aged a minimum of four months in small, oak barrels previously used to age bourbon. It is a marvelously mellow, flavorful spirit. It has a captivating bouquet with spicy, earthy undertones, an elegantly textured body, and a palate loaded with the rich flavors of caramel, toffee and pepper. It has a lingering and thoroughly satisfying finish.

At Zafarrancho, the tequila is distilled in traditional, copper alambic stills. While the distillation process in an alambic still is up to three-times slower and far more labor-intensive, the result is a richer, more flavorful spirit. They also distill the tequila to exactly 40 percent alcohol, the optimum alcohol by volume (abv). Many of the popular brands are distilled in stainless steel column stills and come out of the still at 55% abv and diluted down to 40% abv. While this technologically advanced method is faster and more cost-effective, it yields a lighter, less flavorful tequila.