XOteric Liqueur

A seductive fusion of finest quality XO cognac from France with the essence of ripe melon, black raspberry and lush tropical fruits. XOteric is made with the finest XO Cognac from the heart of the Cognac region, for a smoother taste. XOteric is a versatile ingredient in countless cocktails: Purple Swirl XOteric swirled on ice with a splash of lemon or lime. Purple Rain 1/3 XOteric 2/3 chilled Extra Dry (sweet) Champagne Serve in a fluted glass Purple Haze 2/3 XOteric 1/3 Cognac Serve over ice XO tini 2/3 XOteric 1/3 Premium Vodka stirred with ice Pour into a martini glass Add a twist of lemon or lime Garnish with a lime twist Purple Rush 1/3 XOteric 2/3 Chilled Energy Drink Pour over ice CocoXO 2/3 XOteric 1/3 Coconut Rum Add a twist of lemon or lime Serve over ice