XFour Xoxolat Chocolate Martini

XFour Xoxolat Chocolate Martini Photo

Xfour along with Xoxolate have combined to make a decadent chocolate vodka martini. Made with all natural ingredients including B.C.’s Xfour handcrafted vodka and single plantation 100% cocoa, espresso extract, honey and organic vanilla. This smooth delicious Chocolate Martini comes fully prepared… Simply chill, shake, pour and enjoy!

  • Aroma: Enticing with an intense chocolate aroma and a hint of espresso
  • Palate: Rich and full with a perfect balance of edginess. The vodka is showcased with underlying notes of dark chocolate, organic vanilla and espresso
  • Finish: Smooth and Long-Lasting the way a perfect dessert martini should be! the intense chocolate fragrance you first get on the nose accumulates in the after taste and offers the ideal experience.

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