XFour Vodka

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Xfour is British Columbia’s finest premium vodka. Made of only Canadian grown corn, rye and the purest glacier fed water from British Columbia’s interior; this handcrafted vodka is as pure and natural as its surroundings. Xfour is crafted in small batches, distilled four times and is three times filtered. Completely free of any additives or sweeteners, Xfour is a refreshingly clean and smooth spirit.

  • Aroma: Fresh & Aromatic with Hints of Anise and Fruit
  • Palate: Crisp & Full Bodied; an Initial Touch of Sweetness, Followed with an Intricate Balance of Anise & Tropical Fruit (Guava and Passion Fruit)
  • Finish: A Sustained, Smooth, Long-Lasting Finish Which Boldly Showcases the Complexity and Quality of the Unique Characteristics Highlighted Above

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