Xante Liqueur

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Xante Liqueur is the intimate result of a menage a trois combining the sweetness of virgin pears with a touch of the finest French Cognac matured for four years in French Limousine Oak barreled with hints of vanilla. The final result is an experience of all five senses produced in the finest Swedish distilleries in a category all its own. Europe has been under Xante’s spell for more than ten years and the brand holds the coveted number two liqueur rating in Scandinavia. In February 2009, Xante crossed the ocean for its US debut of ‘Unimaginable Pleasure’ to New York and Miami, and continues its nationwide expansion with Boston, Connecticut, San Francisco and Los Angelos. Xante is best served neat as an ultra premium shot cooled over a bed of ice, chilled in martini glass or in a variety of seductive cocktails.

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