Xanath Cream de Vanilla

- Xanath (pronounced "sha-nath" is the all natural vanilla liqueur with sensual aroma, rich flavor, and smooth elegance. - Enjoy Xanath served at room temperature, over ice, in coffee drinks, in creme drinks, blended with other fine spirits, over ice cream, or in delectable desserts. People have enjoyed the taste of Xanath since the 1940s. Today, it's available in the United States and it's popularity is soaring. Bottled in an elegant, tall, sculpted decanter that embodies vanilla's ancient Mexican origins, Xanath is made from premium vanilla beans, organically grown (certification pending) in the rainforest of Veracruz. Because the vanilla is native to this exotic region, it is rainforest friendly and completely agriculturally sustainable. Xanath is crafted from a secret recipe by the Gaya family, processors and purveyors of vanilla and vanilla products since the 1870s.